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CEGV is established by a group of mining professionals who were working in multi-national mining companies such as BHP and Anglo American. We focus on provide consolidated solution for mining consumables and equipments from low cost countries such as China. We design and manufacture mining consumables which can better fit into particular working condition in order to contribute to both the improvement of mining companies' productivity and cost saving target. 

Due to the fact that low cost counties are developing very fast and the existence of both old and advanced technology and management in local mining companies, a product with the same name can be found with various standards and quality levels. According to customer's requirements, various levels products could be produced in a same workshop. As a result, purchasing from low cost country has significant cost saving opportunity but a risk in finding right products and suppliers. With our credibility among manufacturers and customers, our expertise on both manufacturing and application, our global view on business, and our value-driven business model, we supply high quality products with risk under controled.

All products we are supplying have been verified in different regions such as South Africa, Chile, Australia, and Canada in various types of mine, either hard or soft ore in gold, copper, platinum, and iron, by reputable mining companies. Our products have been supplied into large mining companies with our localized services in these regions.

In order to ensure continuity of supply, CEGV established stocks in Australia, Chile, Canada, and South Africa. Our colleagues in these countries are all reputable mining professionals who have been with large mining companies in the industry more than 20 years. From CEGV's point of view, we fully understand the importance of having local services for international purchasing. We add our value by putting our services for both customers and our associate manufacturers through our establishment in Canada, Australia, South Africa, Chile, and China.

CEGV optimization process support customers to enter into a continuous improvement process on mining consumables to add value to customers' long term goals. All mining consumables are designed for a general purpose which may not be the best one for a specific working environment. By collecting and analyzing performance data with customers together, CEGV can interpret customers' optimization requirement into manufacturing process through our understanding on manufacturing process and familiarity with working environment.

Technology advancement leads to a result that new products are always available in the mining consumables industries. Our experience with the application on these new products in different region and different mines can support customers in selecting right products. A technology may work in a country but may not work in another one, due to difference on the ore, equipments, process, and management.

CEGV is a consolidated solution provider for customers who are interest to purchase from low cost countries and we believe that with our support, customers can enjoy cost savings with minimized risk.








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