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Grinding Media


Basically, there are three types of grinding media, up-set forging balls, rolling forged balls, and cast balls. CEGV supplies rolling forged balls and cast balls.

Rolling forged balls:

The advantage of rolling forged balls is that they have much better uniformity and stability. Depending on working environment, end users may select rolling forged balls or cast balls. Depending on the size of mills, type of mills, and mineral concentrates, rolling forged balls may have better performance than cast balls.

We are the only one in China who manufacture rolling forged balls up to 5". Due to the fact that rolling forged balls are made from steel bar with fully computerized manufacturing process. Our products have much better stability and with our special designed heat-treatment process, our products have better uniformity. Stability refers to quality variance among  individual balls and uniformity refers to how uniform a ball will be. Stability and uniformity can lead to improvement on the productivity of grinding media.

Our rolling forged balls have been supplied to Codelco in Chile, Barrick Gold in Tanzania, and Anglo American in South Africa, Chile, and Brazil. The performance has been proofed being top class in the world. In South Africa Platinum mine and Brazilian Nickel mine, the performance has been improved up to 37.5% comparing previous products.


Cast balls:

Cast balls used to be used mainly in cement industry but in mining industry, due to poor ductility and the size of mills in mining industry, it is rarely used. During past few years, the technology of manufacturing cast balls has been significantly improved. Now, cast balls have achieved good performance in mining industry.

There is significant price advantage for this product since cast balls are a labor intensive product which can utilize labor cost advantage in low cost countries.


For more information about our products, please contact cegv@cegv.ca and we are glad to share our opinion and studies with potential customers.




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Grinding Media




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